futureless //no future


twin high maintenance machines


reasons I can relate to a possum:

-tired & unkempt
-emotions ranging from “displeased” to “existential scream”
-no work ethic
-lies around looking dead when overwhelmed
-will eat trash & live amongst trash if left to own devices
-sometimes you feel bad and feed it a sandwich

(via red-eyed-coyote)

considering recent events in my neighborhood it probably wasn’t in my best interest to tell the known dealer backing out my one way street (and almost backing into me on my bike, turning to go THE RIGHT WAY DOWN THE STREET) to suck my dick after he yelled “yo bitch you have a problem?!” at me five times


I’m so sick of this shit. when can I be done?

carve your name soft across my lungs/i wanna breathe you til i’m numb

i feel like i’m losing my mind.  

and I am this great, unstable mass of blood and foam
and no emotion that's worth having could call my heart its home

from nothing to nothing to nothing to nothing to nothing to nothing to nothing to nothing to nothing to nothing to nothing


fucked something potentially great up for something that probably isn’t going to ever be worth it.



"i wanted it this way"


today sucked. i just wanna do picklebacks til i don’t care anymore.

even more true that it was yesterday. til i don’t care or i never wake up, whichever comes first.